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We are RubenSystems. We create technology that turns microcomputers into high powered servers, mobile phones into journalists and cheap cameras into industrial-grade security systems.

Headlines Today

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Headlines Today is your daily briefing. All for free. With no paid subscriptions. No adverts. No clickbait and we do not sell your data.
Every hour Headlines Today automatically selects and summarises the top ten articles from news outlets around the world.

More projects


Add semantic search to your product with Point, a cloud-based search as a service system. All you need to do is create a database and add records. It is all through a web API, so no large packages are required.


RSmIDX can index and query thousands of records per second. All data can be stored and searched.
RSmIDX also comes with an inbuilt queryable data storage system.


Nano2 simplifies the development of websites with resuable componenets (e.g nav bars, footers, buttons). Everything can be written in either C++ or Python so you do not need to use template languages. It also has all the functionality of c++ or python unlike some templating languages that can have limitations.

This website is an example of a Nano2 project.